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Kids - Crash Course Sewing     Kids Studio Sewing     Adult Crash Course Sewing     Beginning Sewing 101

Fabrics A to Z     Gourmet Apron     Hot Pads and Oven Mitts     Quick and Easy Pillow Cases

How To Clean and Oil Your Machine     Hand Stitching Bootcamp     Serger Basics

Zipper and Buttonhole Workshop     Zippered Makeup Bag     Laminated Tote Bag     Summer Hat Workshop

The A-Line Skirt     Pencil Skirt     Perfect Leggings!     Zip Front Hoodie

Beginning Patternmaking - Perfect Tee Shirt!     Sew Knits - The Lark T-Shirt

Sew Knits - The Linden Sweatshirt     Coachella Shorts     Aster Button Front Shirt

Quick and Easy Summer Top!     Kimono Coverup     The Classic Shift Dress     Moneta Jersey Dress

The Amelia Dress     Introduction to Draping & Patterndrafting     Intro to Fashion Design & Sketching


Kids - Crash Course Sewing ^Top

This quick class will teach kids ages 8-12 everything they need to get started sewing! They will learn how to thread the machine and load the bobbin. They will sew straight lines and corners and make a cute pin cushion. After this class they will ready to come into our Kids Open sewing sessions. No Supplies needed!

2 hour class - class fee of $30

Kids Studio Sewing ^Top

Come sew in these kids only classes. These have a very loose structure in which kids can work on a project of their choice at their own pace with an instructor available for help and support. Sign up for one session or sign up for several. $15 per hour. Prerequisite: Kids Crash Course - Kids MUST know machine basics. Ages 8 and up.

2 hour class - class fee of $30

Adult Crash Course Sewing ^Top

Want to learn to sew? Did you get a new machine as a gift? This quick class will teach you everything you need to get started! Use our machines or bring your own. You will learn how to thread the machine, load the bobbin, adjust tension, change needles, and troubleshoot. You will sew straight lines, turns and backstitch. Also, you will learn about sewing techniques like seam allowances and how to adjust the settings on the machine. After this class you will be set for any of our project based classes. No Supplies needed! Note: If bringing your own machine, please bring the manual, all power cords, pedals, etc.

2 hour class - class fee of $30

Beginning Sewing 101 ^Top

Come learn to sew and make multiple projects in our popular 4 week sewing class! Each week you will add skills and make a project! Week 1 will cover machine basics and then we will make a simple tote bag. Week 2 we will make pillow covers complete with a zipper and applique. And then weeks 3 and 4 we will make pajamas! You will learn how to read a pattern and many more skills!

12 hour class - class fee of $160

Supplies for each session:
• Please bring to first session:
• 1/2 yard of cotton fabric
• 1 1/2 yards of webbing for straps
• 1 spool of thread to match your fabric
• -
• Please bring to second session:
• 14" pillow form
• 1/2 yard of cotton fabric
• 14" zipper
• 1 spool of thread to match your fabric
• -
• Please bring to the third class:
• pajama pant pattern in your size
• 2 5/8 yards of cotton of flannel (washed and dried)
• 1 spool of thread to match your fabric
• 3/4" elastic (enough to go around your waist)

Fabrics A to Z ^Top

Voile, rayon, double gauze, lawn, dotted swiss....ever get confused with all the different types of fabric in the stores? What is the difference between a fiber and a weave? Which fabric is best for certain projects? In this class we will play with all types of fabrics and make a take home swatch book!

2.5 hour class - class fee of $40

Gourmet Apron ^Top

Got a foodie or gourmet in your life? Make them a stylish and reversible apron. Make them in the fun food fabrics we have or maybe a tailored stripe or fashionable floral? Super easy to make assembly line. We will show you how to make pockets and how to use ribbon for easy and fast straps. You will leave with a completed apron and the instructions and pattern to make more.

3 hour class - class fee of $45

Please bring to the class:
• 3/4 yard of 2 different fabrics
• thread
• 2 1/2 yards of 1" or wider ribbon
• StitchCraft Easy Apron Pattern

Hot Pads and Oven Mitts ^Top

Make something cool for Father's Day! He'll love some new hot pads and oven mitts to use this BBQ season! You will learn to use the special batting need to make your hot pad safe and heat resistant and how to bind the edges. Make at least one in class and then take your new skills to make more for gifts for family and friends!

3 hour class - class fee of $45

Please bring or purchase at beginning at class:
• 2 fat quarters
• 1/3 yard of cotton batting
• 1/3 yard of Insul-Brite batting
• 1 package of double fold bias tape
• thread

Quick and Easy Pillow Cases ^Top

Get a jump start on holiday gift making with this fun class! We will make a set of designer pillowcases that have contrast cuffs and fancy French seams. Make a set for everyone on your gift list!

3 hour class - class fee of $45

Please bring to the class:
• 3/4 yard fabric for main part of pillow case and 1/4 yard fabric for contrast band (for each standard pillow case)
• 7/8 yard fabric for main part of pillow case and 1/3 yard fabric for contrast band (for each king size pillow case)
• thread

How To Clean and Oil Your Machine ^Top

Cleaning and maintaining your sewing machine is the best way to prevent sewing problems and extend the life of your machine. I have seen many "broken" machines that are simply dirty with grime packed into the gears and once they are cleaned and oiled they sew beautifully! You can pay a sewing machine technician to do this for you or you can learn to do it yourself. You know that you need to maintain your car through oil changes and tune-ups and you should give the same care to your biggest sewing investment.

2 hour class - class fee of $30

Please bring:
• your sewing machine
• your sewing machine manual
• bottle of sewing machine oil
• cleaning brush

Hand Stitching Bootcamp ^Top

All sewing used to be done by hand until the invention of the sewing machine. And while machine sewing is certainly fast, there is something meditative and soothing (and portable!)about hand stitching. It is often preferable to machine sewing for certain techniques and fabrics. We'll cover the basics you need to know from the blanket stitch to the catch stitch to the ladder stitch. no supplies required!

2 hour class - class fee of $30

Serger Basics ^Top

Ever wondered what the crazy 4 threaded machine is at StitchCraft? It is a serger machine, also known as an overlock machine. These fantastic machines are wonderful for sewing knits but are also great for wovens. This quick intro class will teach you how to thread it, adjust stitch length and width, how to serge straight and curved seams and how to troubleshoot. No supplies needed!

2 hour class - class fee of $30

Zipper and Buttonhole Workshop ^Top

Want to know how to put in a zipper? How to stitch buttonholes with ease? Did you know you can sewon button by machine? Come join us in this quick class that will demystify the sewing techniques that you will come across constantly and the secrets that sewing patterns leave out. No supplies needed!

2.5 hour class - class fee of $40

Zippered Makeup Bag ^Top

Scared of zippers? Don't be because this class will teach you how to insert a zipper into a lined bag. We'll make a fun and functional lined makeup bag with a wrist strap and zip top. You'll never fear the zipper again! Make one for yourself or as a treasured gift!

2.5 hour class - class fee of $40

Please bring the following:
• 14"¯ non separating zipper
• 1/3 yard cotton fabric
• Matching thread
• Fabric scissors
• Paper scissors
• Pins
• Seam Ripper
• 1/3 yard fusible interfacing

Laminated Tote Bag ^Top

Learn how to work with iron on vinyl and make custom laminated fabrics while making a cute bag for rainy days or beach days!

4 hour class - class fee of $60

Please bring the following:
• 1/2 yard of cotton fabric for the outside
• 1/2 yard of cotton fabric for the inside
• 1/2 yard of heavy 44" wide interfacing like Decor Bond
• 1 yard of iron on vinyl (shiny or matte)
• coordinating thread

Summer Hat Workshop ^Top

With summer weather here, it\'s time to make a hat to keep the sun off your face. Super fun and stylish! We are using the Phoebe pattern from Bonjour Teaspoon Sewing Patterns. This pattern fits head sizes 21\" to 23\".

5 hour class - class fee of $70

Please bring:
• Bonjour Teaspoon Phoebe Hat pattern
• fabric for outside - 5/8 yard of linen or cotton canvas (heavier than quilting cotton)
• fabric for lining - 5/8 yard of quilting cotton
• matching thread
• 5/8 yard of Decor Bond fusible interfacing

The A-Line Skirt ^Top

This fun class will teach you everything you need to make a super fashionable A-Line skirt! This skirt is cut on the bias for a perfect fit and has an adjustable waist. You will learn how to read a pattern and understand construction techniques like seam allowances, grainlines, pinning, and ironing for projects. This is a great follow up to any of our beginning classes.

5 hour class - class fee of $75

Please bring the following:
• StitchCraft Super Skirt pattern
• Washed and dried cotton fabric (check pattern for amount needed)
• Matching thread
• 1 package of regular single fold bias tape for hem
• 1 yard of 1/2" elastic

Pencil Skirt ^Top

The Pencil Skirt is a wardrobe staple and quick to make. You learn how to sew waist darts, insert an zipper and do a faced waist band. Once you make one, you will want to make dozens more!

5 hour class - class fee of $75

Please bring:
• Pencil Skirt Pattern
• Woven fabric like cotton, denim, twill (check pattern for amount needed for your size)
• thread
• 1 package of WIDE single fold bias tape for waist facing
• 7 " to 9" zipper
• basic sewing supplies like scissors, pins, pincushion, seam ripper and tape measure

Perfect Leggings! ^Top

Learn to work with knit fabrics and make a pair of quick and easy leggings! We will go over sewing techniques that make these look store bought! For this class we will be using McCalls M6360 and making view E (without the ankle zipper). Prerequisite: serger basics

3 hour class - class fee of $45

Please Bring:
• McCall's M6360
• 1 1/8 yards cotton spandex jersey or interlock with 2 WAY STRETCH
• 1 spool of matching polyester all purpose sewing thread
• 1 yard 3/4" wide elastic
• basic sewing supplies (scissors, pins, tape measure, fabric marker or chalk)

Zip Front Hoodie ^Top

Expand your knit garment skills with our new Zip Front Hoodie class! Learn how to stitch sleeves, cuffs, pockets and insert a zipper into a knit. We are using Kwik Sew K4194 View B. Make it with the contrasting sleeves and hood or do it all in one fabric. Prerequisite: serger skills

6 hour class - class fee of $80

Please bring the following:
• Kwik Sew pattern K4194
• Cotton Knit fabric - interlock or jersey - washed and dried - check pattern for yardage
• 22" separating zipper
• 1.75 yards of 1/4" cording for hood drawstring
• thread

Beginning Patternmaking - Perfect Tee Shirt! ^Top

Learn how to make a pattern from your favorite tee shirt (without taking it apart!) and then we sew it up. You will be amazed how simple this is and fast you can make a tee shirt!Prerequisite: Serger Basics

6 hour class - class fee of $80

Please Bring:
• 1 1/2 yards of jersey or interlock knit fabric (washed and dried)
• matching polyester thread
• 1 yard of pattern paper
• pencil and eraser
• fabric marker or sharper
• 2 x 18 ruler
• french curve or design ruler
• your favorite basic tee shirt

Sew Knits - The Lark T-Shirt ^Top

T-shirts are so much fun and easy to make! We are using the Lark pattern from Grainline Studios. You have four neckline options and sleeve options. Must know how to use a serger for this class.

6 hour class - class fee of $75

Please bring the following:
• Lark pattern from Grainline Studios
• Jersey or interlock fabric washed and dried to preshrink
• Matching polyester thread

Sew Knits - The Linden Sweatshirt ^Top

The Linden Sweatshirt gives a modern update to the classic sweatshirt. Featuring a relaxed fit, raglan sleeves, and a graceful slightly scooped neckline, this sweatshirt is perfect for fall layering. View A features long sleeves with cuffs and falls to the mid hip with a lower ribbing band while View B hits at the high hip and has short sleeves. You can also mix and match sleeve and body lengths to create multiple versions of this sweatshirt.

5 hour class - class fee of $70

Please bring the following:
• Linden Pattern by Grainline Studio
• fabric - preshrunk (please refer pattern for amount needed for your size)
• one spool of coordinating polyester thread

Coachella Shorts ^Top

Super fun for summer! The Coachella Shorts from Striped Swallow Designs feature a mock wrap front with a fun trim detail. You can use lace, pompom, ricrac! Shorts have three different rise options (low, mid or high) as well as a 2" or 4" inseam.

5 hour class - class fee of $75

Please bring the following:
• Coachella Shorts Pattern
• fabric (washed and dried)
• thread
• elastic

Aster Button Front Shirt ^Top

As the weather turns from summer to fall, a classic shirt in a light fabric is perfect for making the transition. Join us as we make the Aster shirt from Colette patterns. Learn to stitch buttonholes and darts. Learn to stitch a dart and pleats! Perfect for intermediate fabrics for lawn, voile and double gauze.We will be making version 1.

9 hour class - class fee of $100

Please bring the following:
• Aster Pattern by Colette Patterns
• fabric - preshrunk (please refer patern for amount needed for your size)
• coordinating thread
• 1 package single fold bias tape
• 1 yard of lightweight fusible interfacing
• 7 5/8" buttons

Quick and Easy Summer Top! ^Top

You will love making these flowing camisole tops as they are super fast and do not use much fabric. Make them in drapey fabrics like rayon, linen, cotton voile or silk charmeuse! This will be your go-to pattern for the summer!

3 hour class - class fee of $45

Please bring the following:
• StitchCraft Easy Camisole Pattern
• fabric (check pattern for amount needed for your size)
• matching polyester thread
• 1 package of single fold bias tape
• basic sewing supplies (scissors, pins, seam ripper, etc.)

Kimono Coverup ^Top

Need a quick and cute pool swimsuit coverup and even a simple lightweight jacket for summer evenings. Make a simple kimono style jacket with the Florence Pattern from Sew Caroline. Perfect opportunity to use fun trim such as lace, fringe, pompom or even pretty ribbon.

3 hour class - class fee of $45

Please bring the following:
• Florence Kimono from Sew Caroline
• fabric (washed and dried)
• thread
• trim

The Classic Shift Dress ^Top

The shift dress is a classic and is quick and simple to make and is the perfect FIRST DRESS! It has worn by everyone from Lilly Pulitzer to Jackie Kennedy. We will be using the Laurel pattern from Colette Patterns for this class. The fit is easy with bust and back darts to keep the shape streamlined. The absence of front seams or waist darts makes Laurel an ideal choice for prints that normally may be difficult to work with, such as stripes, plaids, or large scale florals. Edges are bound with bias tape, cutting down fabric requirements while letting you play with color and print combinations. Try a contrasting binding, or binding made from your self fabric.

9 hour class - class fee of $120

Please bring the following:
• Colette Patterns Laurel pattern
• washed and dried fabric (check pattern for amount needed)
• thread
• 22" invisible zipper
• hook and eye
• basic sewing sewing supplies like scissors, pins, tape measure, etc.

Moneta Jersey Dress ^Top

Learn to work with knits while we make the stylish and comfy Moneta Dress from Colette Patterns! Moneta is your new go-to dress pattern. Built for both elegance and comfort, this simple knit dress works in every season and for any occasion. With minimal pressing and just a few pattern pieces, you'll be whipping up an army of these wardrobe workhorses. Moneta is easy to make, and easy to wear. This dress is versatile, layerable, and above all, comfortable. Because Moneta feels as good as it looks, you will get a lot of wear out of these dresses. We are doing View B with a scoop neck and short sleeves.

9 hour class - class fee of $100

Please bring:
• 60" Jersey or baby rib knit fabric (2 1/2 - 3 yards depending on your size. please wash your fabric before the first class)
• 1 spool of matching polyester thread
• 2 yards of 1/4" elastic
• 1 twin stretch machine needle

The Amelia Dress ^Top

Ready to make your first dress or simply add to your wardrobe? Come join us and make the Amelia Dress from Gree Bee Patterns! The Amelia is a classic A-line shape, featuring a flattering bias cut and a back zippered closure with front and back waist darts. It can be made short or long, depending on your inclination.

9 hour class - class fee of $100

Please bring:
• Green Bee Amelia Pattern
• prewashed fabric - see pattern for yardage required
• thread
• 24" zipper
• 1/3 yard lightweight fusible interfacing
• basic sewing supplies (fabric scissors, pins, fabric pen or chalk, etc.)

Introduction to Draping & Patterndrafting ^Top

Have you been wanting to create your own designs? Want to know how they do it on Project Runway? In this class we'll go over the basics of draping and patterndrafting. We'll drape a basic bodice and straight skirt in muslin and then transfer the drape to flat pattern and true it up. Once you've draped a basic skirt and bodice you'll be able to start creating all different types of garments. Bring your own form or use ours!

5 hour class - class fee of $75

Please bring the following:
• 1 yard of muslin (you can also use any cheap cotton, bedsheets, etc.)
• 1/2 yard of dot pattern paper
• 10 yards of narrow black twill tape (1/8" or 1/4")
• straight pins
• pencil and eraser
• 2x18 inch C-Thru ruler
• curved ruler (French curve or design ruler is good)
• tape measure
• fabric and paper scissors
• notebook and pen
• felt tip pen (like a Sharpie)
• dress form (we have a couple available for use)

Intro to Fashion Design & Sketching ^Top

Are you interested in fashion design or are you inspired by Project Runway? You don't have to be artist to be a designer and in this fun class you'll learn basic sketching skills that bring your ideas to life. We’ll discuss technical sketching and figure sketching. We'll discuss the principles of general design and also the specifics of clothing design. You'll learn to analyze what makes some designs successful and others fail. Come and be inspired!

2 hour class - class fee of $30

Please bring:
• a pad of tracing paper
• pencil and eraser

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